Art Seminar Voyage

The Arts and Crafts Center at Kibbutz Neot Semadar invites you to join an exciting journey that combines a professional study of arts and crafts with rich and vital community life.

Art Seminar
Our goal is to provide a doorway into a beautiful world of art and fine crafts. It includes practical introductions to the basics of ceramics, stained glass, wood sculpture and fine metal work in a relaxed small group atmosphere. The encounter with artistic learning and creation reveals the joy and beauty of our authentic relationship with the basic materials. Within these courses we will explore photography, drawing, and color. One of our purposes is work to our physical awareness, voice, and movement.
The seminar will take place within the frame of our larger creative community, combining arts and crafts with practical everyday life. So you may take a walk at sunrise, work on a sculpture, design a window, milk goats, join an olive harvest, plant in a vegetable garden, dance at sunset or sit around a campfire.
The seminar provides a rare opportunity to experience art not as a separate entity from our lives, but as a vital and integrated part of our daily existence.
For details and registration please contact us at:
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Please note: the seminar is limited to 12 participants from the age of 21.
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